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     February 21, 2015
    Cooper Creek Park
    4816 Milgen Rd, Columbus, Georgia 31907

    The GAA gratefully acknowledges and thanks all the competitors, volunteers, and our sponsors listed below for their support of this event.

    View selected photos (by Peter Jenkins) at bottom of this page. For all 390 pictures go here

    Final Standings of the 17th Annual GAA TCC

    1. Axel Avila
    2. Chris Coates
    3. Troy Kossick
    4. Jason Garrish
    5. Jhonny Lopez
    6. Brian McGury
    7. Shem Kendrick
    8. Louis Vazquez
    9. Paul Lloyd Jones
    10. Carson Smith
    11. Nicholas Johnson
    12. Robert Wilson
    13. James Watkins
    14. Feliciano Garcia Marques
    15. Jeff Riggenbach
    By Event:

    Aerial Rescue
    1. Jhonny Lopez

    2. Chris Coates
    3. Alex Avila
    Belayed Speed Climb
    1. Jason Garrish
    2. Axel Avila
    3. Troy Kossick
    Secured Footlock
    1. Axel Avila
    2. Jason Garrish
    3. Chris Coates
    Throw LIne
    1. Axel Avila
    2. Chris Coates
    3. Paul Lloyd Jones
    Work Climb
    1. Troy Kossick
    2. Jhonny Lopez
    3. Axel Avila

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