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    Women Arborists of the Southeast (WASE) is a nonprofit group of women in the profession who want to focus on education and mentorship for girls as well as public outreach and education.  WASE meets every other month, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Locations of meetings vary from month to month in order to expand their reach. 

    WASE members/stakeholders include a majority of certified arborists with careers, passions and backgrounds focusing on tree care, forestry, design, horticulture, public policy, private industry and public utilities.  The group is currently forming committees for public education, mentorship programs for girls, and communication and public educational programs about arboriculture.  Please visit their website at www.womenarboristsofse.org to check them out (meeting dates and times will be posted soon), or, contact their president Amanda Corr Russellarboristswomense@gmail.com for more details.                                                                                                                              

    Mission Statement:

    Women Arborists of the SE United States is dedicated to the promotion of women in the profession, mentorship for girls interested in arboriculture and outreach programs for the general public.

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